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Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor

Principle of Operation

LSS2004 is a laser-based backscatter particulate monitor that is designed to measure dust loading of combustion exhaust gas stream. The electrical output from the LSS2004 is proportional to the light scatted back from the particles in the gas stream .The high stable laser signal source projected into the gas flue and those particles can reflect the light whose intensity is proportional to the dust content of the gas stream. The LSS2004 receives the weak laser signal which is reflected by particles, then calculates the concentration of dust by specific algorithm.


Cement,Thermal power,Iron and steel,Metallurgy,Refinery,Aluminum,Petrochemical



Optical backscatter   of light from a red Laser

Measuring object

Particles in the gas   steam

Physical   Characteristics

Material : Mental

Optical head   Dimensions : 185×160×160mm (L×W×H)

Flange : inner dia.   Ø 65mm

Purge blower pipe :   Ø 40mm

Physical Weights : 2kg

Degree of Protection   : IP66

Optical Characteristics

Laser Diode, (650   ±20)nm, 10mW



Range : (0100, 500, 1000,   2000, 10000)mg/m3, Selectable

Zero Drift :   ±2%FS/24hr

Span Drift :   ±2%FS/24hr

Repeatability :   ±2%FS

Response Time : ≤   10S

Measuring Length :0.520M

Power Requirements

DC 924V/

Ambient Condition



Analog output : (420)mA

Digital output :   RS485