Flue Gas Sampling Probe

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Standard flue gas sampling probe

Item No.: JSP2075EH2CBF
sampling probe for CMES application
Maximum gas temperature 600°C
Internal heated filter @260°C
Internal back-flushing function and controls
With 1.5m SS316L gas sampling probe


Maximum flue gas temperature: 600°C

Ambient operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C

Protection degree: IP65

Filtration chamber volume: 120 cm³

Filter chamber heating temperature: 260°C (adjustable from 100°C to 300°C)

Stainless steel filter, filtration precision: 2µm

Ammonium salts cleaning device to effectively prevent ammonia crystallization

Internal back-flushing function and controls with automatic cleaning every 4 hours and with high temperature pneumatic valve/check valve/solenoid valve

Back-flushing: with pure nitrogen or instrumental dry compressed air, oil-free, dust-free, pressure range: 0.3mPa-0.8MPa Back-flush port: OD6/4mm (optional OD8/6mm)

Sampling gas outlet port: OD6/4mm or OD8/6mm SS316 compression fittings

Calibration gas port: OD6/4mm or OD8/6mm

Power supply: 220VAC/50Hz/1100W

Mounting flange: DN65 (optional ANSI 150)

Mounting accessories: DN65 sleeve to weld with counter flange + bolts + flange flat sealing

G¾” thread interface for connection of optional gas sampling probe

With gas sampling probe SS316L - G¾" – OD 21.7mm, L 1500mm Optional probe heating jacket

Optional heating of the back-flushing

Optional heated line for gas transfer to gas analysis system