Portable Infrared Syngas Analyzer

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Portable Infrared Syngas Analyzer

Item No.: IR-GAS-600P
Syngas series of gas analyzers by ESE it’s the ideal solution for biogas and syngas measurement and industrial combustion applications because of their accuracy, stability, reliability, broad measurement range, and the variety of available form factors.

Max six gases + Heating value calculation + TFT LCD touch screen
+ USB output + smart dimension 


coal chemical process

steel making process as blast furnace,  converter, coking, direct iron ore smelting reduction

syngas production from Biomass and coal gas gasification processes

Heat treatment


Measurement technology 

Infrared dual beam NDIR for CH4,CO2,CO,CnHm

Thermal conductivity  TCD for H2

Galvanic fuel cell ECD for O2

Gas calorific value :calculated


Min/Max available range




Intermediary ranges available without price increase

Resolution: 0,01%

Accuracy: ≤ 2% FS

Repeatability: ≤ 1% FS

Response time: NDIR/ECD < 10 sec / TCD < 15 sec 

Gas conditions at inlet

Quality: no dust, tar, oil, water vapor and/or moisture

0.1Mpa≤ inlet pressure≤ 0.2Mpa 


Standard features

•Using 5'' TFT LCD touch screen
•Measurement value display/real-time curve display
•Aluminum enclosure with smart dimensions (270*215*136mm, 3kgs)
•Data record, interval time adjustment, USB output to display history data
•Power intelligent manangement, protect gas analyzer working at low battery
•Calibration menu and alarm setting with password protection
•One set back to factory setting



CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm, O2, H2  ,BTU index (gas calorific value)


High Heating Value or Low Heating Value in MJ/m3 or kcal/m3



CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm        : proprietary dual beam NDIR detectors

O2                                  : industrial electrochemical cell

H2                                    : proprietary thermal conductivity detector


CO: 0-100%, CO2: 0-50%, CH4 : 0-10%, CnHm : 0-10%, O2: 0-25%, H2: 0-50%

Other ranges customizable on request without price increase

No effect of CO2 and CH4 on H2 detector

H2 reading is compensated for the interference effects of the other gases measured




≤ ± 2% FS


≤  2%



Gas conditions at analyzer inlet

Flow:0.9L-1.1/min, internal  gas sampling  pump, external flow meter with needle valve

Pressure:0.1Mpa≤ inlet pressure≤ 0.2Mpa

Quality: No dust, moisture, tar (external safety filter and optional gas washing unit)

Operating conditions

Tamb : -5°C -45°C / Pamb : 86 to 108 kPa / RH : 0-95% non condensing

Response time (T90)

≤  15 sec

Communication interface

USB output ( real time and memory data download  software included)

Power supply

External 220 VAC-50Hz


Internal with battery and charger; Autonomy of  > 4h with pump in operation


Robust casing in aluminium with cover and shoulder trap

Dimensions and weight

Gas analyser : 270*215*136mm, 3kgs




Standard accessories

nylon carrying bag for analyzer and accessories

gas in/out tubing

battery charger + 220 VAC power cable

USB cable

Technical manual, inspection and calibration sheet


Portable gas pre-treatment unit for the removal of dust, tar and moisture from the gas