Heated tube (Spiral type)

heated tube with spiral type

HLS series heated tube using imported series winding method, uniform winding corrosion in high strength, high temperature resistant, PTFE pipe, due to the use of high precision winding equipment, ensure the uniformity of the whole temperature can effectively prevent the Y condensation problem. The series winding type has the advantages of uniform heating, no cold point in the whole process, effectively preventing condensation and ensuring complete gas composition, and can  be widely applied in projects such as desulfurization, ammonia removal, flue gas analysis system, waste incinerator detection, etc. The gas interface of HLS series heating line adopts standard OD6 and OD8 interface, which ensures the convenient connection of sampler, gas condenser and analytical instrument This series of heating lines are customized heating lines, customized according to the different lengths of customers.

Product Features
1) Using high-precision equipment, the use of imported heating wire series winding
2) Whole line uniform heating, no cold point, safe and reliable
3) The heating pipeline uses the corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and high purity trachea, and the exterior is made of high anti abrasion coat
4) Contain metal braid layer, more durable and more convenient for field application
5) Bend radius of the pipeline is small, light weight, easy to carry and install
6) Gas interface size and joint form are easy to choose
7) Heating lines are customized to meet the personalized requirements of the scene