Extractive Laser Gas Analysis System HCL/HF/O2/H2O/NH3/CH4/CO2/CO

Item No.: eLAS-300
The eLAS-300 extractive Laser Gas Analysis System uses TDLAS technology ,consists of a sampling unit ,a transmission unit,a preprocessing unit ,a control unit and an analysis unit .

eLAS-300  laser gas analysis system uses the whole process of high temperature combined heat extraction to monitor HCL/HF/NH3 gas in sample gas.
The system consists of a sampling unit, a transmission unit, a preprocessing unit, a control unit, and an analysis unit. The analysis unit uses TDLAS technology.

Measured gas:HCL/HF/NH3/CH4/H2S/CO/O2/H2O
Method:Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLAS)
Accuracy:± 1% full scale reading depending on integration stability (temperature & pressure)
Displayed resolution:0.1PPM
Response time:Less than 15S (at gas flow rate of 3 L/min)
Sampling Gas Temperature:≥180℃
Analog Output:4`20mA DC  Digital Output:RS232/485

Installation pictures :