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Compressed gas cooler

Item No.: CEC BM250-2
CEC BM250-2 gas cooler is widely used inrapid dehydration and minimizes water-soluble components of gas lost, for online gas analysis instruments, providing a complete sample drying gas. It can work in ambient temperature of +5℃ to +50℃


Output sample gas dew point: 5.0

SO2 lost rate: < 2% (@ SO2>100ppm, humidity = 5vol%) 

Glass heating exchange tube with anticorrosion, easy to clean and high heating exchanging rate  

Sample gas output temperature: +4±1 (factory setting) 

Sample gas output dew point: 5.0 (+ 20 environment temperature) 

Working temperature: +5 ~ +50

Sample gas handling capacity: 250NL / h  

Sample gas input dew point: +80

Sample gas input temperature: +180

Sample gas input connector: OD6mm sleeve  

Cooling liquid output connector: OD6mm sleeve   

Cooler temperature alarm: + 8 when the alarm  

Dual stage cooling  Warm up: 30min 

Power supply: 220V AC 50Hz 250W 

Back plate mounting 

Housing color: 7035 

Dimensions: 275W*300H*370Dmm 

Weight: 23kg