In-situ Oxygen Analyzer Application


Smelting process

1. Optimize production process: such as blast furnace gas analysis system,converter/ electric furnace gas analysis system, and etc.
2. Recycle of fuel gas: such as converter gas recycling and analysis system, coke oven gas recycle and analysis system, and etc.
3. Environment protection & energy saving: such as flue gas analysis system after hot-blast stove, sintering/ lime burner flue gas analysis system, thermoelectric flue gas analysis system, and etc. 
4. Safety control & analysis, such as blast furnace coal blowing analysis system, electrostatic tar filtering safety analysis system, electrostatic filtering safety analysis system, and etc. 


Gas safety analysis system 

Coal gas is a very flammable gas. When mixed with certain amount of O2, it will explode when heated to a certain degree. It is thus necessary to inspect O2 concentration to avoid explosion. By analyzing O2 concentration before/after gas tank and before electrostatic filter, O2 concentration in the coal gas can be calculated, then gas quality can be known, and further operation, whether to bypass or not can be determined to avoid explosion. 
Gas and environment parameters, measurement requirements required by steel making process:  


Coal blowing system safety analysis

Blast furnace coal blowing analysis system is a typical safety control device. By analyzing O2 concentration at the inlet of coal mill, outlet of coal mill and outlet of bag, it helps controlling the O2 concentration entering the coal mill and coal powder barn. When O2 concentration exceeds 10%, blow N2 to dilute it, to avoid explosion in the coal mill. As the gas in the coal powder barn is the off gas lead from the flue after hot-blast stove, high concentration of CO and O2 will cause explosion. Therefore, real time inspection of off gas in the coal powder barn is required, to make alarms and N2 dilution in time.
Gas and environment parameters, measurement requirements required by iron making process


Electrostatic tar filtering safety analysis

Electrostatic tar filter is an effective electrostatic filter, can reduce the tar fog mixed in the coke oven gas. Coke oven electrostatic tar filter has to monitor O2 concentration continuously to avoid safety problem generated by high O2 concentration. The O2 analysis

system is critical to the filter operating rate and safe plant operation. Conventional O2 analysis system can hardly deal with the tar fog. Besides, temperature control part and other parts need replacement periodically, thus conventional ones have high inspection

cost. However, Laser in situ online gas analysis system do not need any sampling or pretreatment system, thus needs small maintenance workload and low operation cost.

Gas and environment parameters, measurement requirements required by electrostatic tar filtering process.