HCL/HF laser on-line monitoring system application cases


HCL laser on-line monitoring system -- waste generation application
Customer Name: International energy waste incineration power generation 
Running Time: 2017-10
Field technology: natural gas is used as fuel, urban waste is incineration at high temperature. After burning, the tail gas is removed by denitrification, desulfurization and dedusting process
Installation position: exhaust flue
Measurement range: 0-100mg/m3

Trend curve of SO2 and HCL

The above is the change trend curve of SO2 and HCL in the same period. From the map, HCL and SO2 have similar trend of change.  which both have a good response to the change of deacidification process.
HCL laser on-line monitoring system -- medical waste in Yongkang
Customer Name: Medical waste in Yongkang, Anhui
Running Time: 2016-12
Field technology: the site is mainly used for the incineration treatment of medical waste, the exhaust emission is first deacidification treatment, the deacidification agent is NaHO, and then dedusting and discharging. The limit of emission limit is HCL 100mg/m3
Installation position: the equipment is installed in the middle of the chimney, about 10m high, and the diameter of the chimney is 0.5m
Measurement range: 0-300mg/m3

HCL laser on-line monitoring system -- Application of cement plant
Customer Name: Chongqing fafeng cement plant
Running Time: 2017-10
Site: the site process cement plant to use existing facilities, high-temperature incineration of solid waste and medical waste treatment
Installation position: after dust removal, direct exhaust flue for outlet of fan
Measurement range: 0-100mg/m3

HF/HCL laser on-line monitoring system -- Application of chemical plant
Running Time : 2017-11
Site: the site is used to process solid waste pollution which generated in the incineration plant,this chemical factory mainly produces PTFE material, so the emission of exhaust gas containing HF
Installation position: chimney flue gas emissions of 10 meters at the platform
Measurement range: HCL:300mg/m3; HF:20mg/m3