Ammonia Slip Analyzer


Ammonia Slip Analyzer 

SCR’S and SNCR’s reduce NOX emission by injecting ammonia into the combustion flue gas ,which ideally reacts with the NOX to form H2O and N2.The efficiency of the SCR/SNCR is determined by monitoring the outlet for excess NH3,referred to as NH3 slip .

The SNCR process requires the introduction and mix of Ammonnia or urea with flue gases in a hotter environment with a temperature optimized to between 800-900℃,Temperature control is important in the process,as low temperatures can cause a surplus of unreacted NH3

Benefits of monitoring Ammonia

The value of the benefit of monitoring ammonia slip continuously must exceed the cost or there would be no reason to pay the price of an ammonia slip monitoring instrument 

Others who have considered this issue have focussed on the benefits of process optimization or avoidance of air preheater cleaning.There are good reasons to monitor ammonia.
Extractive surrogate measurements will continue to dominate the utility market for now because of the ease of acceptability as part of a CEMS.Tunable Diode laser technology is proving to be the most accurate method.