Ammonia (NH3) laser gas analysis system application cases


Ammonia Escape Case 1 - Application of power plant
1. Customer Name :China Datang Coporation 
Running Time :2017-04
Site Condition: there are 8 stations in the field, 1-6# unit is 330MW, and 7-8# unit is 600MW. The exhaust gas situation  as follows:

Field process: after the furnace flue gas comes out, it is denitrification through the first grade SNCR (the ratio of urea adding water), and then denitration by the SCR denitration device.
Measured Gas NH3 :0-20ppm
The sampling point is on the slope of the rectangular flue before the 2# unit SCR denitration pipe exits. 
Flue gas temperature : 400 ℃ 

The change trend of ammonia injection and ammonia escape system
The following is the feedback from the on-site customer 24 hours of ammonia and ammonia escape system changes, the green line is the amount of ammonia spray curve, red line is ammonia escape curve, it can be seen that ammonia escape decreases with decreasing the amount of ammonia spray, with increasing the amount of ammonia spray and high rise the amount of ammonia and ammonia escape

2.Customer Name: Shandong Weifang Binhai petrochemical
Running Time: 2017-03
Process of solid waste, waste furnace incineration waste incineration flue gas by SCR,  denitrification agent is  ammonia hydroxide
Installation position: SCR reactor outlet pipe, the flue gas temperature is more than 200 degrees

3.Customer Name: Dongpeng ceramic factory in Zibo
Running Time: 2016-04
Field process: the site is a section of the ceramic tile, the fuel is supplied from the gas station in the factory, and a number of spray guns are installed on the wall of the furnace, and SNCR denitration is used.
Installation position: flue gas exit of ceramic tile
Measurement range: 0-20ppm

4.Customer Name: Liaoning Kuancheng Hongyu thermal Co Ltd
Running Time: 2016-12
Field technology: use coal as fuel, undertake the whole city heating , SNCR+SCR mixed denitrification, denitrifying agent is urea
Installation position: denitrification exit,before preheater 
Measurement range: 20ppm

5.Customer Name: Shijiazhuang Well Mining Group West Crystal coking plant
Running Time: 2017-11
Installation position: SCR denitrification exit
Measurement range: 20ppm